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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Blackberry Messenger Pins of Boys & Girls

Shannon Routledge

Tashaa 'tidge Browne
‎272725EC add meeee:DXx

MoniqueHelen Jay
pin:26D24DF3 < boys only ♥

Richard Samuel Marcus
Add me :) bored in work :( 2200F3CA

Anthony Snape

Daniel Chippington

Kirsty Vejki
Add me:) 227F082E

Jordan Davies
‎27140EC7 - why not.

Ari Aristidou
‎23B189F2 girls only.. No mongs

Jordy Johnson
‎21D5433E Add It!

Courtney Raeburn
‎23748366 - add me:)?

Daniel Thomson

Sarah Mcalpine
‎22BEDC66 add me :)

Richard Samuel Marcus
Add me girls ;) 2200F3CA

Andrew Charlesworth
all add me on bbm 230ECBBD

Dan Ward

James Everton Irving
‎27CB4415 ADD! Girls only...

Heather Barcoe
‎232E3C65, no begs:)!♥

Billy Wells

Liz Irving
‎235A7EAC add me people no one talking on bb must be over 16 and from uk 

Chloe Lauren Jones

Kevin Kenneth Pearce
Add me ladys 26D2C045 16-24 noo boys but ladys add me plzz

Ben J Moore
black or mixrace GIrls 276D353C

Sam Lovat
‎236C9D50 add me lads only 18- early 20s :)

Nikki-Lou 'Shaniqua' Edgett
‎271E252E; no creeps and keep it clean. 19 in Kent.

Julie Carr
Lads between 18-21 need more contacts, banters shite! Only from the UK though,
 don't want no creeps, get adding 279D92A1

Alberto Berty Asciutto

Ash Burchett
‎279982DE x

Natasha Naylor
‎267C260A... :)

Martin Rez
‎2160EEA6 :D

Lewis Lyrical G Ebdy
‎2708E501 - anyone add :)!no chavs though-.-!

Jolene Peters

Lorna Hutchinson
add 2705c0e7 17 f crewe

Holly Lowe

Chris Barnes
‎2764cc04 x

Hossam Atef

Nat'Nat 'Nutty' Ratcliffe
‎23B7E311 - 18+ and from UK only - decent convo's - don't add if you're only going to talk once or if you don't talk :)

Jennie Felton

Jodie Bennett
‎267DB6B9 Add Mee No Lil Kids And No Oldyys... Xx

Chanttelle Peake
‎25DF7DB6 all add me am a fun crazy so be warned female :* mwahh

Liam Robbo

Alicia Kearns
‎23777536B x

Saffron John
add the gourgous girl Lauren 27CB57DF

Adam Hampton
‎21B91638 ♥

Nory Elka Peralta
‎217B970B nory! Dominicana

Bethany Natalie Henderson
Add me 22ACBC48 :) !

Courtney Raeburn
‎23748366 - add if you actually talk, but not sending any of youse "dirty pictures" cause I'm not like that:)

Demi Fildes
‎219B6B60 -someone add me, my contacts don't speak X

Aby Hubbard

Becca Dallas'
‎25FE7440, if ye abar 30 and ye a paki dont add me!

Chantelle Kay
‎232C6FDA only got 10 contacts:( add me. x

Tegan Jade Howarth X
Tegan, Female 13. Pin:22ff1d24

Georgia-may Barnes
‎269D4028 add me :), anyonee :) x

Jennii Yiadom

Cia O'Brien
‎26930128 add me lads no begs :) ♥

Daniiella Demii Lee Flanagann
‎276268F1 any one welcome tu add :) clean chat only tho xx

Jazz Duckett
‎269DAD50 ... No freaks ♥

Danielle McAlpine
Add it GIRLS, no dirty pics & videos, I'm not a slag! 261774A9 ♥

Beckiie Cartledge-x
pin:21868a54 (: 15!
No pedo's!
NoOne over 19 add me..
Not a slapper so don't expect 'pics'

Peter Paul
‎28/M/Toronto 26EC555F Girls only.

Sam Pottier
‎2234f519 ♥

Shay Joe
‎17 from essex male :) , accept boys and girls need to talk to new people :) 216FC830 x

Sam Webb
‎2247CF24 21,m,wales... girls only add me. Add me on here too if you like : )

Kateleigh Bridge
Hiya guys u can add me if u like :)
27A14067 xx

Ashleigh Jáne Shárples

Katie Miller
‎234AC81B, dont add me expecting me to be a slut though:).

Melissa Warrington
‎26AFF1C3.. Boys only.

Caroline M Dexter
Add me 2766b00c no perves or weidos clean chat only plz from sheff

Sophie N-Dubz Parkinson

Jordon Pickin

Liam Dj-southsea Cunningham
‎2339c42a get adding ladies 18+ plz

Yousif Ashraf

‎21746AE0 - add that! ♥

my pin 23B8E585

Laura Christine Sarah 
‎2323C656 x


‎26C4CB78- 17 :) no dirty beggers

‎22D7A4B7 Am Me Need Some Fresh Faces LOL!! Xx

Jade Colliver


‎2350bfe9 add it if ya decent

Sianie Leigh Johnsons

Sianie Leigh Johnsons 

‎239B99D5 get adding want to get to know new people ♥

Jojo Clark

Jojo Clark ‎26F23377

Sophie Giulletti Babyy

Sophie Giulletti Babyy add meee 260E64AB :)

Sarah Melvin

Sarah Melvin ‎269DCFA1

Hannah Faulkes

Hannah Faulkes ‎2148CFF4 add me :) 17 northampton

Gabriella Alberti

Gabriella Alberti ‎222A89DB BOYS FROM SOUTH UK ONLY :)

Sinéad Shannon Jessop

Sinéad Shannon Jessop ‎2267C69A blackpool ♥

Shelley Hobbs

Shelley Hobbs ‎22471c00 bham

Natalie Watson

Natalie Watson my pin :D 21BEB9C7

Irana Gustia Shakira

Irana Gustia Shakira ‎220CDBDE

Emma Louise Evans

Emma Louise Evans bb pin 3100f50c

Rebecca Griffiths

Rebecca Griffiths My new pin-2133AB0C

Lea Bailey ʚϊɞ

Lea Bailey ʚϊɞ New bb pin: 219D1CB4..

Amber Sherrock

Amber Sherrock ‎215AF606 ♥

Lucie Vallance

Lucie Vallance ‎21894C9A 

Francie Connolly 

Francie Connolly ‎214DC843 herts

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